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Deimos Anomaly


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First demo released!


The Phobos-UAC base has have some habitual strange happens was experimental teleporters was open between Deimos and the unknow.
The power shutdown in some areas, strange voices coming from beyond, random rare visions and the personal become schizophrenic madness...
You need answers of this situation, but before you find the way to leave the base and return to home, all hell descends from the gateway surrounding everthing in chaos and death.
Through possessed complex you must fight or die in a hellish crossfire.

(A short history of Doom 3, ambientated in Phobos and Deimos of first Doom)

This mod try to recreate Doom 3 with the old Build engine powered by GZDoom (or Skulltag) with the most possible similarity.
All areas and ambientations are created through strictly closure to Doom 3 maps, i study all the game and situations for make the most similar game concept.
My intention is become UDoom3 like and old '96/'97 game of Doom 3, like a first version of the late '90, or in another case; like you play Doom3 in a "low" video quality display or anything like this.

This is my first "big" and "serious" mod project in Doom, i'm not a very great maper; but the map looks pretty decent.
And don't expect deep ACS programing, the map runs only with basic scripts; i'm a beginner.

Some history about UD3:
UDoom3 was started in 2006 with the idea about remake the first UDoom chapter based in Doom3, for this reason I take the "Ultimate Doom 3" name.
In this version i've work with "Doom in Doom" engine with some ZDoom features, and was my first poor maps in Doom.
I created the "Anomaly Team" with Phobos Anomaly maper, but one year later the team was disbanded and the project was canceled for the aparition of KDIZD, a project with close concept and much more advanced in all aspects.
In 2008 i restart UD3 to work through ZDoom, and i rebuild all maps and old material.
In 2009 i try to work with Skulltag, and i need to rebuild all maps again to adapt with more advanced engine and maping skills.
Later, in 2010 i learn to work in GZDoom with 3dfloors, and another time i need to rebuild all my maps with my actual maping skills...
And finally you have this demo for play!

Download here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-3-weapon-mod/downloads/volume-46

One capture to see before you play the demo:


Download link:

All opinions, comments and bug reports are welcome!
Thanks!! :D

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Clonehunter said:

Holy fuck lemme get started. What ports again?

This mod try to recreate Doom 3 with the old Build engine powered by GZDoom (or Skulltag) with the most possible similarity."

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Are you intending to complete an episode? If you finish E1, will you try E2?

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@roboticmehdi2  I don't think there is some working links anymore or at least i dont find them. the only chance(very low) is that someone have it in collection.

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I know that there no working links for UDOOM 3. I searched all internet for it and not found. I was too hoping for if someone has it in collecion.

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