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Any Good wads with kickass Music?

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There was this really great one from a wad in the late 1990's, but I can't find it anymore. It was for vanilla doom, great detail but I have no idea what the name wad :(

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Paul Corfiatis' stuff is always great: 2002ado, pe1_phob, WOS, PC_CP...

MARSWAR (no original music, but a lot of obscure midis that wasn't used in doom wads before)



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Plutonia 2 , Hell Revealed 2 , Memento Mori , Memento Mori 2 , Turbodem (Turbo Changed Arcade )TurbotTwo (TurboChanged arcade 2 ) , ZPack , UDM2 , UDM3 , UDMX , Whispers of Satan , Community Chest 3 , Speed of Doom .
Also Music from old games : Blood , Duke Nukem , RoTT

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