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problem with doom replay editor 2

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hi guys
i wanted to improve the quality of my tas demos
so i've downloaded doom replay editor(dre2.zip) and an old version of prboomplus (the version number is
problem: when i click on dre.exe the only thing that appear is a black screen .
can someone help me ?

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Hm. The problems I ran into with DRE2 were some error boxes about missing DLLs (which went away when I got the right DLLs) and the unintuitive text-only interface. When you say you get only a black screen, do you mean there's really only a black screen or is there also a window with some info, a text input box and a tic list? In the second case, you need to type "load" into the text input to load a demo, and after that you need to type something like "f1" followed by a space to get started.

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Why the old version of PRBoom+?

There should be two windows when you open DRE. The black one is the game screen, which is only for viewing. The other window is the one you use for entering commands. On the Input Line, type 'i'; it should increment one tic and update the other window.

A few tips on how to use it:

* Everything is controlled from the Input Line with text commands. Clicking on the Tic List or any other part of either window has no effect. It's a CLI, not a GUI.

* All commands are case sensitive.

* It's limited to Complevel 2.

* It's based on PRBoom+ v2.2.6.2, so it doesn't have any of the Overflow Emulation of future versions. As such, demos are not 100% guaranteed to play back with v1.9.

* The WalkCam isn't frame-limited. If you have a fast computer, one touch of a turn key will flip you nearly 180 degrees. Example: on my 1.6GHz netbook it runs perfectly; on my 3.2GHz desktop it's virtually useless.

* It has some sync issues. To avoid these, only load one demo per session. Similarly, only set one Save Point per session. If you need to reload or set another Save Point, close the program and restart.

Obviously, it could use some improvements. However, once you get accustomed to the interface, you'll find it becomes pretty easy to use.

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i had a black screen and a window,i didn't know how to start it,now everything is ok, thanks.

EDIT:i talked too fast, everything is far from ok .
I manage to start the game, but it's doom2 map 01 deathmatch, and the only comand that work is the one that allow to go between first and third person camera.
when i exit dre there is a lmp file named "THISISBACKUP" that last 1second (or less)and that's all.

When i record a demo i don't use the command line but i create the shortcut and enter the command in the case "properties", must i do the same thing with dre , if i want to record a demo ?

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The black screen pops up then a pop up appears and says "I_SignalHandler: Exiting on signal: signal 11"

Whats wrong with this?

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When starting a new demo I just create a couple seconds worth with PRBoom and load that into DRE. The only parameters you should use when starting DRE are -file or -deh. All demo-related commands are handled within the program.

Also, a tip I forgot: you can edit the CFG file so the Boom HUD shows up. It only shows up every other frame for some reason, but it's far more useful.

As for the 'signal 11' error: I have no idea.

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