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I need some help

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I bought RoTT off ebay (CD jewel case+ manuel :3)

but when I put CD in...nothing happens.

Well my PC just makes loud obnoxious noises, but it typically does that when a CD is in.

I was expecting atleast an install screen, but nothing.

BTW I have an XP, and DOOM's CD worked on mine back when I had/stole it from my friend.

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Some of these old CDs might not have autorun capability. Can you at least read the contents of the disc through "My Computer"? Maybe there's an "install.exe" you need to run manually, preferably through DosBox.

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Just go into my computer and right click on the disk drive with the cd mounted - click "explore" and a window should pop up with the contents on the disk. Using Dosbox is your best solution to install.

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