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Barrels destroyed stat?

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Is it actually possible to have a stat for destroying explosive barrels in the doom games and has something like this ever been done before?

edit: I probably should have posted this in the wads&mods section. :P

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If you mean an end-of-level stat, that would probably have to be hard-coded into the game engine. One thing you could try is using a DECORATE script to add a COUNTKILL flag to the barrels so they're included in the kill percentage.

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You can make them count towards the kills percentage using dehacked.

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0

# Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines.

Doom version = 19
Patch format = 6

Thing 31 (Barrel)
Bits = 4718598
But if you want it displayed separately on the title screen, then that would need an advanced port or some severe hacking of the engine.

If for some mod you are only interested in barrels, and not in monsters killed, then you could change all monsters so that they are not counted for the kills percentage, and replace the KILLS graphic with BARRELS on that stats screen. That would work in vanilla and all ports with adequate dehacked support. (It would also kill respawning on NM skill and with -respawn.)

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