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To the maker of Alien Vendetta

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To the maker of Alien Vendetta:

Congratulations, and fuck you. We'll take them individually.

Congratulations on making what is one of the greatest WADs I've ever come across. Congratulations on creating excellent architecture. Congratulations on creating an experience that I haven't had since playing DOOM for the first time.

Fuck you for sucking a week of my life down the drain. Actually, fuck you for much more than that, since I'm only on level 15 right now.

It's pretty obvious that you didn't build this WAD. Instead, I think you sold your immortal soul to Satan to recieve such a megawad. I don't know what kind of punishment you'll be subjected to in the hereafter. Probably being skull raped by an elephant roughly the same size as the Chrysler Building. At any rate, it's your own damn fault for asking for something this good.

Damn you.


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Of course it will. And atomic monkeys armed with molten cheese cannons will come parading out of my ass with a seventy-six trombone band playing the best of the Starlight Vocal Band.

Not that I'm bitter.


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