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Omega Dragon

Does anyone know the name of this mod?

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There are quite a few mods like that. Is it the one with all the boss monsters?

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Yes it does, there is the pit. It has all the mosnters lined up around the room with a spawn switch for each one. There is also a switch console there you can change how the monsters behave.

For example: You can make it to where you spawn the mosnters and fight them or you can make it to where the monsters fight eachother...Bosses included. Its got monsters from blood, Heretic, Doom, Hexen even a bunch of custom monsters.

You can have like a Cyberdemon take on Tchernobog from blood. Or have cultists from blood fight zombies from doom.

Many many options.

Give it a try. Maybe its what your looking for.

EDIT: Not every boss monster is present here there are a few, but its along the lines of what you asked for. Many monsters!

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