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doom 64 absolution for linux

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As far as I understand, you can't play the Doom64 TC without running windows. The source to the custom Doomsday engine can be found here, so maybe you could try compiling it yourself. I haven't actually looked at it at all though, so I have no clue how portable the code is.

You could also perhaps try WINE, or running windows in a virtual machine, but I can't help you with either of those methods.

Failing that, you could try running Doom64 EX under WINE or through virtualization instead. (Since I don't believe it is able to compile under linux either at this time, though I may be wrong.)

Someone who knows more about the TC like Kaiser may be able to provide better info, but that's all I can think of here.

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it works with wine, but there is an annoying audio problem when i shoot an enemy, a background noise, i don't know how to fix it.

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