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Adding new cheats to Doom

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How would one add a new cheat into doom? I want to have a cheat that encompasses Iddqd/Idkfa/Idclip all into one cheat for mostly testing purposes, how would one do that?

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You code it in.

With source ports, it can be easier. For example, in ZDoom, you could do this in the console:

alias supercheat "god; give weapons; give keys; give backpack; give ammo; noclip"
bind s supercheat
Then whenever you press the s key you get all these effects.

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Pretty sure you can do this with DeHackEd, for vanilla compatibility.

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0
Doom version = 21
Patch format = 6

Cheat 0
God mode = idheh
Ammo & Keys = idheh
No Clipping 2 = idheh
Would this not work?

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Thanks gez that worked like a champ.

Out of curiousity how does doom define iddqd as god mode? Same being with the other id cheats. I have some custom items and it would be cool to know how to activate them using something similar to idbehold 's,r,i' etc

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