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Separating sectors.. Doom Builder?

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Does Doom Builder have a function to separate/break one sector into multiple when the sector looks like it's multiple sectors? So each of them would become unique sector.

I know I can draw the sectors into unique sectors, but that's a bit time consuming, if it's not just some simple squares..

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Not that I am aware of, you could sever some line defs that connect to another sector then edit selection mode, add line defs where you want them then make sector key it. Other than that I don't see anyway around it.

If you crack it let me know, I'd love to save time on DB.

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darkreaver said:

Make Sectors tool in DB2. Not in DB1, unfortunately

Ah, great, thanks. Hadn't even noticed that tool before..

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Just press M for the Make Sectors mode, then just click the sectors which you want to split off of the main sector (they should flash white shortly).

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