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Doom for android? Anyone got it?

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I hope there is still someone alive aroun here :P

I just got my new android phone, and it was sad to discover that source port was nuked from the Android Market as the buddy uploading it also uploaded the Final Doom megawads ¬_¬

I was wondering if someone from here has in his/her possesion a copy of the port itself. I've tried downloading it from many places but it is always missing some files. Even the google project page isn't working.

Thanks :D

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Ask Maes about it. If anyone has it, it would be him.

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I have some APKs around (BTW, there seem to be an "official" sanitized version and the original offending one) but I'm not sure about what it takes to install it. Depending on your phone, Android version and actual version, it may be a breeze or you might need root access because of the .so binary.

In any case, check this thread here:


Doom for Android APK 1.33.666 apk:


The infamous libdoom_jni.so is included as a .zip inside the APK itself(!), so you need to go through some hoops to install it.

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Thank you very much! :D I'll go do some tinkering. I got Quake III running on the phone... but you know, Doom is the real shit :)

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Works! Didn't have to do anything special. Copied the .apk you posted on the smc, installed the app, and then copied all the IWADs to the \doom folder that it created in the smc.

Just a couple notes in case someone else gets here:
- Doesn't seem to work propertly with doom.wad and doom1.wad... it's loads a textureless mess with chaingunners in the demo :? DOOM2.WAD, TNT.WAD and PLUTONIA.WAD work without problems.
- The virtual D-pad only has a directional pad and a use/open button. With no fire/enter/whatever i can't get past the main menu
- FPSs are a bit off, but I think it will improve over time

I'll keep tinkering... Thanks again for the help!

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The original apk is from a book written on how to port games written natively to run within android's 'java' framework using jni. IIRC, prboom was the original source. I ended up working with this to maybe port a version of scoredoom into android to learn some more jni/android.
Its good book imo.

Though there are problems with virtual keyboard, in that as you noticed you cant get past the main menu. There is a version out there, that someone put on the app store, basically shitting on the original author and id, that has the menu working. But it got pulled.

The virtual keyboard controls suck, so I gave up working on it.

I've seen another version on a youtube video though, that looks like it has better controls where you can drag your finger to look etc., but I've not played it, nor have I found a download.

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Mancubus II said:

Now that I have a galaxy s phone I'd really like to try getting Odamex on Android.

That's what I have, on loan from work to play with.

Good luck with that.

My post didnt make sense re: virtual keyboard problems. I gave up working on it, before I saw the drag-control version, which looked pretty good. I may come back to it when I get less busy with other things.

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See id's Doom port on iPhone if you can for a control scheme that works rather well.

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