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Viscra Maelstrom

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

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Surprised there's no thread about this brilliant game.
Yes, I said it's a brilliant game, a word I rarely use to desribe games. In fact, the only other game I would call brilliant would be Doom, but that's not the subject, it's about Pac-Man CE DX it's about.

So what makes this game so brilliant?
Take a look at these videos and drool:

Director's run.

If these videos did not make your fingers twitch in lust and awe, then let me explain it to you:

Well, first of all, it's Pac-Man, which is by per automatique an awesome game.
"But Pac-Man is so old and clunky!", you say? Ah, but this game is unlike anything you knew about Pac-Man. Well, some aspects are.

So what makes it different? Well, first of all, this game is big. BIG. Yes I know the original is big, but this is a much more concise and better BIG than the original.

There's tons of different game modes: there is Score attack, which gives you a set amount of minutes to get as much score as possible, then there's Time Trial, which is a set of time-based gameplay modes where you have a time limit which you shall eat a certain amount of fruits in, and then there's Free, which I honestly have not tried (yet), but I imagine it's a game-mode where the only goal is to get a high-score. When starting up a game, you get to choose difficulty: a simple easy, normal, hard setting. Standard stuff.

AND WAIT! There's more to customise to your own liking. You can choose between different visual modes, ranging from classic Pac-Man to 3D Pac-Man to rainbow-shade style Pac-Man. You can choose how all the characters shall look like. Like the classic crude pixels? Choose it. Like 3-dimensional characters? Then choose that option. And lastly, but not least, music. If you enjoy Pac-Manning but don't like music, there's an option to do so, but for those who are from this millenium, there's 5 different techno-style tracks to choose from, which fit very well with the game.

There are 3 major differences from the older and (in my opinion) incomplete Pac-Man Championship Edition. Those changes are:

1. Bombs. Yes, bombs, like in Zelda and lots of other games. Pac-Man now have access to said bombs, which you can use whenever you want with the click of a button. When pressed, the bomb detonates which in turn makes all ghosts in the maze fly away into the box in the middle for a brief time. Good to use in close quarters when you are surronded by ghosts. Which brings me to the next point:

2. Ghosts. I'm sure you're all familiar with the ghosts in Pac-Man, named Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. Well those ghost aren't the only ones in the maze now.

In CE DX, there's now stationary ghosts in the maze. By default, they won't do anything until you come close enough to them. When done, the ghosts will follow Pac-Man's behind, effictively building up a tail of ghosts behind Pac-Man. And they will continue to follow Pac-Man until either you do a mistake or get hold of a power pellet and, this is the most satisfying thing ever,
CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP they've all been eaten up.

It really is damn satifying building up a tail with 20 or so ghosts, and then eating them all up in a chaotic frenzy of bling-bling and a almost orgasmic amount of the trademark chomping-up-ghosts sound effect blasts out of your speakers.

Note however, that, as I said, the original 4 ghosts are in the game too. Unlike the other ghosts, which will follow you blindly, they still follow their original behaviour i.e. they move around in the maze of their own free will and can potentially bar your path by coming up at the completely wrong time. You can, however, make them follow you like the other ghosts by getting them caught up in you tail of ghosts.

3. Bullet time. "What? Bullet time? In Pac-Man? DOES NOT COMPUTE!"
Well actually, it does compute, and really well to boot.

Have you ever been so frustrated when you accidentally slip into a girl and die? I bet you do, but CE DX has a cure for that.

Whenever you get dangerously close to a ghost, instead of moving into your own death, the game goes into slow-motion and gives you time to react. Very useful when the speed of the game has been entering insane levels and you need some extra time to react to it.

Those are the 3 major differences when compared to Pac-Man Championship Edition. They also incorporate the things that are different in Championship Edition. Those things are:

1. The flow.

In Championship edition, the game's flow is different compared to all other Pac-Man games. First of all, when you eat all the pellets on either the right side or the left side of the stage, a fruit pops up at the other side of the stage. By eating the fruit, on the side where you ate all the pellets, there will come up a new batch of pellets and, in CE DX, new ghosts aswell. The pellets are all aligned in specific patterns which might be not so apparent at first, but as you play the game, you'll understand. By following those patterns as they're set up, the game's flow will move constantly, which removes all the frustration of the earlier Pac-Man games static mazes, and makes it so much more fun to play. The only thing that can break the flow are the 4 sentient ghosts in the maze or the fact that the game goes too fast and you have little time to react and analyze patterns. Which brings me to the next change:

2. Speed.

Normally, the speed only increases in Pac-Man after each level. In CE, it increased gradually as the game-mode progressed on, which is a welcome change, but it made the game somewhat frustrating when it constantly shifted each time you died. In CE DX, there's a speed bar at the bottom, which increases also over time, but increases alot when eating lots of ghosts and (I think? I might be wrong.) when getting lots of points. Whenever you use a bomb or die, the speed drops, to a minimum of 1 and can increase to a maximum of 50. This can make for a intense round of Pac-Man when the speed is at maximum and everything goes super-fast.

3. Strange level layouts.

In Pac-Man there was only one kind of maze getting repeated with increased speed as you progressed. In CE, the layout of the original maze is still avaible, but there's lots of different mazes in the game. In CE DX, there is also, but alot of new ones aswell. Two from CE that made it's way into DX are:

A level with long lanes resembling, as the title says, a highway. I 'think' that the level layout may change from eating fruits, but I'm not positive (yet).

A level that's clouded in darkness. Only way to see what's happening are the dynamic lights attached to Pac-Man and the other ghosts.

There's alot more levels in CE DX, but those are two notable ones.


So, in conclusion, Pac-Man Championship edition is the ultimate edition of Pac-Man. The new additions to the game and gameplay changes and tweaks have eleminated everything that has made the Pac-Man games in the past so frustrating. It's really fun, ridiculously addicting, and an absolute must-buy. If you have either a PS3 or a 360, GET THIS GAME, you won't regret it. If you have a 360, GET THIS GAME RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT'S F*CKING HALF-PRICE.

*whew*. This was a rather long OP.

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It's nice to see a 2D maze incarnation of Pac-Man for his 30th anniversary, if not a little fruity.

It's too bad this character spent most of it's life under the knife of it's dev company, trying to remake him into a 3D hero like Mario. Just never worked.

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Doomhuntress said:

No but seriously, that's all typed by me.

Would you like to type some threads about my band sometime?

On topic, that actually does look pretty badass.

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Technician said:

This does feel copy pasted.

Doomhuntress said:

No but seriously, that's all typed by me.

Hmm, you're both right.


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Doomhuntress said:

Have you ever been so frustrated when you accidentally slip into a girl and die?

Is it still rape if it's an accident? Are you still registered as a sex offender if you're dead?

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DuckReconMajor said:

Is it still rape if it's an accident? Are you still registered as a sex offender if you're dead?

Haha, stupid typo on my end. :P

@Xaser. Oh, well played sir.

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Only half-price on xbox if you have a gold membership... which costs $60. :(

but what the hell, I was convinced by the second video. Though I have to admit I wish it was on PC so I didn't need to hook the Xbox back up :P

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I enjoyed the Original Championship edition when I use to have a 360 about 3 years ago. Bummer that I don't have it anymore cause this game looks more fun from the looks of the new gameplay elements they added in.

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