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Doom - Testament Inchoatus

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Really love browsing through all the fan-art, stories, poems and software developed by those with a healthy & bloodthirsty passion for the Doom universe.
Over the last few months i've been dabbling at some fiction myself and would love to release it into the wild to be torn apart by you lot.
Basically after Doom3 and the Movie I wanted to make things right and tie all the narratives into a single timeline (as much as possible), to give it the depth I was aiming to experience when D3 was released. Yes I know it was ages ago, but i'm lazy to say the least.
Either way the full body of the timeline is biggish, so i'll throw it out in sections, leaving me to tweak or change bits if im not happy with them

That said, first bit will be posted shortly and if you have the time to read, i'll appreciate the feedback!

NB: Since it is a prologue of sorts, it is designed to be a bit vague.. and apologies for any use of latin. I love throwing it in there but really have no idea how it's used correctly...

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