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This here is another freeware game I'm working on. I'm sharing it here because it's a TDS adventure game in the style of Strife, which I thought Strife fans might appreciate. Made with my Microdoom engine.


An interactive story with lots of dialogue, missions, shootouts, colorful character portraits, and questionable moral choices. And tons of chicks, if that's your thing. And tons of shirtless dudes, if THAT'S your thing.

Posting the demo for suggestions and feedback.

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- More details on the main menu: the inventory has a distinct border, and slot numbers for weapons so you know which numkey to press for which gun.
- A working title menu (load game doesn't work yet).
- Better tutorial: you now get radio alerts, and press R to answer.
- Switches have black borders to make them stand out more.

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I updated the demo, adding pop-up icons that tell you when you're close enough to an object or NPC to interact with it.

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