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Brutal Doom - Video thread

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Since I don't want to clutter up the main BrutalDoom with a bunch of my videos I made playing it, I will simply post them into this thread instead. Users who recorded using this mod are welcome to post it here, even if it's reposting.

Here is episode 2, The Shores of Hell:

I chose this episode due to the number of views it has. To see the remainder of said vids, check my signature's second and third links.

Also, see if you can identify the music being used in E2 and E3.

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Wow! You recorded the whole game playthrough.

Some videos of SandersonCalumm (I never seen him active in the Doom forums, so I'm gonna post his videos here).

playing with Plutonia:




And with KamaSutra:


This other guy made a cool montage with Mortal Kombat stuff. I lol'ed at this video.

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You missed a secret in E2M2 where you find an automap, though you did find one that i didn't know about. Thought i knew 'em all, but apparently not. Perhaps one of these days i should go back and replay the classic.

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I might have an issue with MAP08 due to the baron's instakilling the cyberdemon in that one room and him not weakening the 10 or so barons enough to deal with all of them in there.

@CeeJay: The one that goes through the yellow door in one corner of the map with the 3-4 doors opening? Yea, I didn't bother going to it cause the video would have been several minutes longer.

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In the tech-hallway after you picked up the backpack, there is yet another door there leading to a very small room containing an automap.

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