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Toxin 64, a custom map for Doom 64 EX

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I didn't see anybody made a custom map for Doom 64 EX but Kaiser, the creater of this engine. I used the Doom Builder 2 64 special for creating this. It is actually a remake of MAP02 from my shitty megawad hellz.wad, but with Doom 64 style. It was pretty annoying because of the bugs from the Builder, for example it colors automatically some tagged sectors to black. This map lacks a little of detailing but it is fun. It has some cool fights at the last area.

I made this back at 2010, but my uploading system was not working so I forgot to reupload it: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20068412/toxin.zip

Please tell if it didn't work because I didn't test it now (and I can't right now).

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The engine kept crashing when I tried to load your map with the -file parameter (the readme says that method should work), but I dumped the WAD into the /maps directory, and played it from the game's menu, which worked.

The map was a bit linear and not particularly memorable, in my opinion, but as you said, it was fun and had some decent battles. The green-coloured sector lighting on the first slime pool was weird and distracting though, I think that should be toned down or redone.

Edit: This is the worst spot of what I'm talking about :

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