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ACS Console issue [Skulltag]

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I'm having an issue here with my Invasion map. I want all the players to have one life whenever you start the map but there is a text at the top of the screen saying that "maxlives will be changed for the next game". Is there any possible way to override this and force 1 life automatically?

Script 2 OPEN
Consolecommand("sv_maxlives 1");

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I'm pretty sure console commands are not meant to be used this way. The problem is your setting up the settings but you need to restart the map in order to get them to work, and I'm not sure if there is really a command for that. Your probably better off either trying to script it or telling people when you release it that its meant to run with those particular sv_settings.

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Okay. Thanks for the response. That's really all I can say since you pretty much answered any future questions I might have asked.

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