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Ultima Online: The Second Age

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Even though I missed the golden days of UO (started playing when UO:R was released), looking at the EA ruined game now just makes me puke. It is nothing that I fell in love about Ultima or UO at all. I've tried to go back but it is just too different to even consider Ultima so it keeps driving me away.

Now (actually around 3 years ago) some nice fellow created a completely free shard that tries to accurately emulate The Second Age era. It is very nostalgic experience, yes PK's are everywhere but there are guides how to add to you survivability and lots of helpful T2A:ers to get "newbies" started up. They allow a degree of macroing from Razor and up to 3 accounts.

Thought I'd advertize it here since I for one really enjoy this possiblity to relive REAL Ultima Online again.


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Sounds interesting. I may try it on my old P2 laptop.
Is the whole game free, or just the server?

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