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Strange ZDoom v2.5.0 - SVN revision 2508 BUG. [SOLVED]

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I was playing TNT MAP09 with 3 bots at the start of the map and I ran out of ammo for the shotgun and there was a dropped shotgun beside a dead shotguy, but when I walked over it about 4 times I could not pick it up. But when I opened the door into the building and walked over some corpses there I could pick up the shotguns there and it worked, but why did I have problems picking up the shotgun outside, which the shotguy dropped?

Did the game suddenly decide that it had no ammunition in it and I could not pick it up? Very strange. I am running a x64 Linux build of Zdoom BTW.

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This can happen if the item is in a position where a collision cannot be detected. Was it near any stairs or other sector height differences?

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No, it was just sitting in the open, nothing really near it. Actually I just played again and I realised that it was co-op mode and I killed the shotguy, picked up his gun, and one was left there as `weapons stay` was turned, on.

So I was just confused for a second, sorry about that.

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