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Doom ports using freetrack?

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I have just looked at Freetrack and I have seen mostly modern games supporting it, but there was also descent 2 inside. I thought since we have doom source ports one might have already tried or thought about it. So, was there any interest to support freetrack in a doom port?

The initiative for this was when my brother reminded me of the effect when we played doom for the first time and a fireball from an imp made us scared and tilt our bodies or view in reality as trying to avoid it. Or the other case where There is a dark corner you can't see but you tilt your head in agony as if you could see what lies behind the screen or something like that. We still remember the immersion.

And then he asked me if we could do that in Doom with a web camera. This means that when you tilt your head because of the immersion, the camera would capture yourself and will analyze the movement changes of your head and the view would tilt appropriately in the game too. Later I asked a friend if this already exists and he pointed me to freetrack. Freetrack needs you to wear LEDs to detect this at night. Gonna look weird, but wtf.

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Could be done in fully 3D (OpenGL, Direct3D) ports. Plain software rendered ones would look weird, as your POV mould shift and lower but not tilt (it's not possible to render actual view tilts in the Doom engine, at least not without making them look like ass).

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I just found this with a little search. I see no replies and I am wondering how this project went.

Of course it would look tedious in software rendering. Although what I was thinking was not necessary a full around view (what's the point to change the view in fps, when you want to look where you are shooting?) but a slight tilt of the view when you jump or try to look behind a corner with your real view. I remember in duke nukem 3d, there was a button that tilted your view slightly and make you look behind corners.

I will try freetrack with some other games when I get some leds soon. If I find time and I might try to see if I could use it with a doom port.

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In order to reply to the guy's question in the other thread, being somewhat intimate with the Doom SC myself, if all you want to do is keep two separate orientations (player/weapon actual orienation plus a "view" orientation that is indepentent of the former), then it's perfectly doable with very little code (perhaps with an extra provision for input and a separate view orientation variable for Doomguy).

Still, I don't see much use for hit in a game like Doom: I can't think of a single instance where I'd rather look somewhere else while aiming at a different target, and shooting without even looking at it. This might work in stealth games and an AI tuned to take this kind of gameplay into account, not with Doom's hordes and no-bullshit direct approach that monsters have.

In a stealth game, if you duck behind a corner and lean juuuust a bit you may catch a glimple of e.g. enemy guards without alerting them. In Doom, as soon as you're on the view hemiplane of a monster, you're spotted and the fun begins. Different gameplay, different pace, different goals.

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