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swantbls.exe seems to stall when fed this file. Is there something horrendously wrong in it somewhere?

# This file is input for SWANTBLS.EXE, it specifies the switchnames
# and animated textures and flats usable with BOOM. The output of
# SWANTBLS is two lumps, SWITCHES.LMP and ANIMATED.LMP that should
# be inserted in the PWAD as lumps.
#switches usable with each IWAD, 1=SW, 2=registered DOOM, 3=DOOM2
#epi    texture1        texture2
1       SW1BRCOM        SW2BRCOM
1       SW1BRN1         SW2BRN1 
1       SW1BRN2         SW2BRN2 
1       SW1BRNGN        SW2BRNGN
1       SW1BROWN        SW2BROWN
1       SW1COMM         SW2COMM 
1       SW1COMP         SW2COMP 
1       SW1DIRT         SW2DIRT 
1       SW1EXIT         SW2EXIT 
1       SW1GRAY         SW2GRAY 
1       SW1GRAY1        SW2GRAY1
1       SW1METAL        SW2METAL
1       SW1PIPE         SW2PIPE 
1       SW1SLAD         SW2SLAD 
1       SW1STARG        SW2STARG
1       SW1STON1        SW2STON1
1       SW1STON2        SW2STON2
1       SW1STONE        SW2STONE
1       SW1STRTN        SW2STRTN

2       SW1BLUE         SW2BLUE
2       SW1CMT          SW2CMT  
2       SW1GARG         SW2GARG 
2       SW1GSTON        SW2GSTON
2       SW1HOT          SW2HOT  
2       SW1LION         SW2LION 
2       SW1SATYR        SW2SATYR
2       SW1SKIN         SW2SKIN 
2       SW1VINE         SW2VINE 
2       SW1WOOD         SW2WOOD 

3       SW1PANEL        SW2PANEL
3       SW1ROCK         SW2ROCK 
3       SW1MET2         SW2MET2 
3       SW1WDMET        SW2WDMET
3       SW1BRIK         SW2BRIK 
3       SW1MOD1         SW2MOD1 
3       SW1ZIM          SW2ZIM  
3       SW1STON6        SW2STON6
3       SW1TEK          SW2TEK  
3       SW1MARB         SW2MARB 
3       SW1SKULL        SW2SKULL

3       SW1BSTO1        SW2BSTO1
3       SW1BSTO2        SW2BSTO2

#animated flats, spd is number of frames between changes
#spd    last        first
8       NUKAGE3     NUKAGE1      
8       FWATER4     FWATER1      
8       SWATER4     SWATER1      
8       LAVA4       LAVA1        
8       BLOOD3      BLOOD1       

8       RROCK08     RROCK05                  
8       SLIME04     SLIME01      
8       SLIME08     SLIME05      
8       SLIME12     SLIME09

8       GOLDSLM3    GOLDSLM1

#animated textures, spd is number of frames between changes
#spd    last        first
8       BLODGR4     BLODGR1      
8       SLADRIP3    SLADRIP1     

8       BLODRIP4    BLODRIP1     
8       FIREWALL    FIREWALA     
8       GSTFONT3    GSTFONT1     
8       FIRELAVA    FIRELAV3     
8       FIREMAG3    FIREMAG1     
8       FIREBLU2    FIREBLU1     
8       FIREBLK2    FIREBLK1     
8       ROCKRED3    ROCKRED1     

8       BFALL4      BFALL1       
8       SFALL4      SFALL1       
8       WFALL4      WFALL1       
8       DBRAIN4     DBRAIN1      
8       LAVFALL4    LAVFALL1     
8       GLDFALL4    GLDFALL1   

2       CGCANI07    CGCANI00     

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It's in the file included in cc4-tex.wad (so I assumed it had to be kept), and the program has successfully converted my file to the ANIMATED and SWITCHES lumps with that character included at the end of the file, but I've made a few changes (changing GOLDSLM4 to GOLDSLM3, and adding some SW1BSTO# textures to replace SW1MEGA and SW1GOTH) since then, which now stall the program. :S

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Jimmy91 said:

which now stall the program. :S

Works for me. :( Out of interest, have you tried copying text from forum to text file? And where did you get the executable from?

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