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tragic bus crash in outskirts of NYC

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When I first saw it it looked like someone picked up the bus and impaled it on a road sign. I'm like how did that happen? Then I realized it had torn through the windows to get back there.

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The article said:

Captain Ellson said body parts were strewn about, and he described the rescue of a man trapped between the pole and the roofline with a two-inch-square chunk of roof metal impaled in his back. The man was alive, his eyes open, but trapped under three bodies — “two of them were obviously dead, and one of them was alive,” the captain said.

the horror

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also... WTF?


“Tractor-trailers are our biggest problem,” Mr. Ha said. “When the rear of the truck slides toward you, you have to stay calm because if you steer too hard to avoid it, you might flip.”

When I was travelling across country, I often saw trucks that were being passed by other trucks flicking their lights off and on after they they were passed to let the other truck know it was safe to return to the other lane. I tried it a few times and found that trucks appreciate it from cars as well. Not sure why buses aren't trained to do this, too.

friends of Oferdel Williams, the driver of the bus, described him as the kind of person who is likely overwhelmed with sadness at what happened.

"I'm sure he's greatly sorry for what did happen," Jackson told WABC-TV.

They said Williams is known for his courage.

"Years ago he ran into a burning building and saved a family, there was a girl, a grandmother in a wheelchair, he brought them out the fire," Bookard told WABC-TV.

That's some strange karma....http://abcnews.go.com/US/15th-victim-dead-tour-bus-crash-york/story?id=13132219

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Personally being a truck driver myself I still can't figure out how the media is stereo-typically against us. The fact the driver didn't stop is a considerable question, but the fact that they pose facts against us which isn't legit really gets on my nerves. All of a sudden its a life and death situation to pass us.. Are you kidding? As the poster above, we flick on the highbeams to signal to other Class 1 operators that it's safe. In Canada Class 1 is a 'Professional Drivers License'. Bus drivers have this too. We have logbooks, we have regulations and by the sounds of it, this bus driver had violated quite a few. I've heard reports that the bus was swerving between lanes, it drifted then suddenly swerved back into the correct lane, i've seen this done before and plainly; the driver fell asleep.

As soon as something in the news is mentioned about a Tractor-Trailer there is immediate blame on them without regarding ANY facts. Although it's true there are tons of bad drivers, though as this happens in the states they have harsher regulations towards professional drivers than Canada does. The video posted from Ontario, with that gravel truck going through the barrier is an example of driver fault besides without being racist most of those drivers that i've personally seen have been inexperiences fresh off the boat people. How can I make that claim? Oh well it's a fact in Canada when you have some-one from the middle east wearing their turbin and have a long beard that recieve a license, their three family members try to look the exact same then they share that license with each other. It's quite fucking common.

Point is? They need to stop blaming the truckers, as the bus driver is most likely MOST at fault. The defense that the trucker didn't stop for that crash? Most likely he panicked or is a foreign driver. Experience proves those two options in this situation... Besides, every single accident i've seen was due to even CAR faults, it's the mentality aswell that they NEED to pass a Tanker or any Semi. Seriously? I'm going 100KM/H, do they need to pass doing 125, then slow down right IN FRONT of me?

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You're going to be blamed because idiots need someone to pin this on so they don't have to realize that this can happen to anyone, and because you're an easy scapegoat for being a source of annoyance in said idiots' lives.

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Radon said:

without being racist most of those drivers that i've personally seen have been inexperiences fresh off the boat people.

I've noticed more and more Somalis are driving tractors here. We need truck drivers and they're willing to do it. Somebody has to move all these cheap chinese goods around!

I drove a box when I delivered pool tables and I don't know how I kept from ever slamming into the ass of a car. The idiots get really stupid around a truck because they don't want to be stuck behind it. They'll gun it to get around you and then nail the brake as they try to squeeze in front of you. Thank gawd for bulkheads.

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