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This would be a 1024 map I created some time ago in hopes that it would be included with a project that seems to be dead. It is titled 'Mimas' and has an icy base theme. It uses the CC4 texture pack which I have included in the zip. Boom compatible.

Updated download link:

Edit: I will include a readme whenever I upload it to the archive.

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Nice job. I liked the icy base theme a lot, and the layout in general seemed nicer than most 1024 maps I can recall.

I got a huge HOM effect near the end though, in both PrBoom and ZDoom. I'd guess you may have missed it because it doesn't show up in an OpenGL renderer.

Edit: Also, thanks for the alternate link!

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That area is easily fixed by having sector 601 use f_sky1 for the floor and ceiling.

I also noticed that mid textures are bleeding into the ceiling and/or floor in software ports. A good example is at line 2868. Fixed by giving a sector either side of the line a light difference of 1.

This was actually quite enjoyable to play. :)

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I have corrected these problems and updated the initial post with a link to v.2 of the wad. Thanks for the feedback thus far. :]

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