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Converting to Hexen Format

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I'm looking at a map originally made for Legacy that now contains some DECORATE monsters. Being made for Legacy, it also has 3D floors and some FraggleScript. GZDoom has no problem with it, but I want to convert it to Hexen format to improve the script.

Is there a tool that does what zwadconv does, but converts 3D floors? This map (which I didn't make) contains a lot of them and I'd like to avoid spending an afternoon finding all the control sectors and changing the specials if possible. I won't be at all surprised if the answer is no. I don't think there are too many cases where such a conversion is desirable.

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ZWADCONV is ancient and hasn't been updated for 10 or so years. At least not since I started working with ZDoom which was in 2002.

I also wouldn't bother writing a Doom->Hexen format converter anymore because Hexen format has a few limitations that make this really difficult (like byte sized args or not having a line ID field for some Boom specials.) ZWADCONV worked around this by creating a binary BEHAVIOR lump with some script commands.

Should such a converter ever happen (unlikely!) it'd convert directly to UDMF which can act as a true superset of Doom format.

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