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DoomBuilder 2; keyboard not responding after playtest

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I've been having this strange issue with DB2 for a while now. It's a bit difficult to explain so I'll try best I can.

When I'm working on a map and use 'Test Map' to play the map in Skulltag it loads up the game, does everything right. When I Alt f4 or simply quit out of Skulltag I get returned to DB2 of course.

Here's the interesting part though, after testing and I return to DB2, any key that I press on my keyboard will not work within DB2.
-For Example:

If I press 'T' the tools menu comes out instead of 'Things mode'. If I press 'S' for sectors nothing happens. I can click into 3d mode but I need to open the task manager to get out, only way.

After I open and close a few random programs and windows, maximize, minimize, and maximize DB2 and other things a few times *maybe* DB2 will respond again. It usually takes me about a minute each time I get in this situation to figure out what will get DB2 to realize that it's open. Aside from this being astonishingly annoying it also makes working very difficult and time consuming. This has been happening for about two months now. I do not recall what I did, if anything before this started happening, and I'm really not sure what I can do to solve this issue. Help would be much appreciated.

I am running windows XP sp3 .net4, DB2

I figured I'd post this the most places it will do good since this isn't a very common issue.

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I get the same thing if i've been on DB2 for a few hours straight, but mine solves itself when i fiddle about with stuff and it's usually just in 3d mode.

By fiddling about with stuff i mean changing textures back and fourth and sector heights etc.

Sorry to not be of much help, did you get the same issue with DB1? (If you used it before DB2)?

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