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What Ralphis said. The similarity is between 1:46 - 2:20 and thats about it. The rest of the song doesn't remind me of it at all.

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Well for that reason, there is a song similar to Duran Duran's "Save a prayer" that has a melody passage that sounds a lot like parts of D_E1M5 (depends on the timbre set, but the Adlib/SB FM one comes the closest).

Can't remember the title even though I hear it often on the local radio ><

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Enjay said:

But familiar enough that you guys knew what he meant. ;)

You got me there :P I do admit to kind of wanting this song now

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There are plenty of coincidental chord changes on songs, even uncommon ones. Listen to the opening chords here,

Now listen to 3:20 here,

And listen to 4:40 here.

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