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First map with scripts

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Hello everyone!

I made a new map. It's not much, just an average map which takes place in a base, so not too original, but I think this wad is still fun.
It's one of the first maps I make which include some scripts in it. The first relased, in any case.
So ZDoom is required.

Here is the link:

I'm sorry, I have to use 4shared, I think it's not the best site for this but I don't know any other and at least, this one is free.

Hope you enjoy it and that i didn't bother you.

Have a nice day!

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I've had a nice run with it. The scripting was fun, they were used in a really great way. The first trap was not good IMO, also the bars dropping when you have the blue key was silly, because you know that you would go to the blue key :P. However the scripting for the "four armies" was awesome, the Cyberdemon spawn was tricky and surprising hehe. The most thing I loved is going inside the factory and avoiding the crushers: WEEEEE!!!! This is a great start for scripting. Some areas were detailed but some were poor of that.

P.S.: You should Lower unp the DOORTRAK textures to make them non movinf with doors.

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Thanks for your response!
Yes, I have already been told to lower unpegged the doortrak textures, but I always forget to do so. I'll be careful about that in my next maps.
Anyway, thanks for playing :)

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