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New Marswar demos [-complevel 2]

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Memfis said:

Tyson+ sounds like Tyson with more possibilities. I think "Strict Tyson" fits better for fist-only demos. And it should allow shooting at GR switches with pistol.

There is a category, known as "Lewis": only weapon 1, and kill as many monsters as you can before exiting. It hasn't particularly caught on (I don't imagine there are too many maps where it's much fun). The name relates to Lennox Lewis, a boxer of similar stature to Mike Tyson, but not believed to have used a gun quite as much. :)

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yakfak said:

now in 2:33 so that it's more of a challenge for someone else to beat =P

Sorry, this was barely a challenge.


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Just took a look at MAP11 and there's no BFG in marsw301 on Ultra-Violence. I really dislike the "improved" version.

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