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How do I patch a Doom EXE in dehacked?

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How would I patch a Doom executable using Whacking in deh format?
Will it work if not binary?

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No, Whacked will not do this. It can be used to create a dehacked patch, but you need to use dehacked.exe if you want to apply a dehacked patch to the vanilla exes.

For a lot of information about how to use dehacked.exe, there is this site. But if all you're looking to do is load a deh patch, then you just need to make sure dehacked.ini knows where your exe and iwad files are, and to use this command-line:

dehacked -load NAME.deh
The page I linked to will help with any details if you can't get it working from that brief outline.

Just to be clear: this is only to load a deh with the DOS vanilla executables. It isn't necessary - and won't work! - with ports. For ports (including Chocolate-Doom) you need to use -deh or just load it in pretty much the same way you would a wad (works with most ports).

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