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I just opened up XWE for the first time in a while in order to add some new monsters to a file I have. Unfortunately, I've run into some problems.

I get an error message saying 'file not found' when I open a file in XWE and when I close the program. When I try and paste files in it says

"Cannot Find File c:\windows\tempttemp(xwe)(Clip)1-DSASGFIR"

I'm running Windows 7 by the way.

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I've done that, and it will open just fine, unfortunately when I copy and paste I still get the same message.

Could it be searching for an incorrect path file for the files I'm pasting? Or is this too simple a solution...

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I've never really used the import feature of XWE, it always seemed like a slower way to do things and I haven't had problems in the past with pasting.

But I'll test it out and see. Although if it does work with importing, I can't see why the paste function decided to have issues with me now?

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