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Friendly Fire / Infighting between hitscan monsters off?

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Actually the title is kinda misleading, since I already figured a way to prevent infighting.

Anyway, I'm trying to make a zombieman variant that could effectively fight in packs. The problem with the current zombieman is that when there are a few combined in a small space they kill each other before the player can even realize they ever existed.

The problem is: Is there a way of preventing damage between peers or species groups? I'm sure a lot of mappers have been frustrated with their monsters slaying each other before desired. The projectile monsters such as imps and cacodemons never harm a peer, so any ideas how to create a similar effect between hitscan monsters?

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In ZDoom, you can use custom damage types, and give the monsters corresponding damage factors of 0. The Wolf 3D TC uses this IIRC.

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Actor Myzombie
Damagetype "Mydamagetype"
Damagefactor "Mydamagetype", 0

I tried defining the properties as above, since a hitscan weapon utilizing monster obviously cannot have a projectile to set the damage type to. Didn't work, what am I missing here?

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Hitscan damagetype must be set on the puff.

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