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How do I make a switch texture work?

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I'm creating a sewer map like Plutonia MAP28 and I created custom textures with the green slimed brick, however the title says it all, I want to make these


as a switch texture on the use.

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You find a copy of the "Switch/Animation Tables" compiler (swantbls.exe) and modify and compile the configuration file provided with it. It will output both ANIMATED and SWITCHES lumps that will modify the list of animated textures and switch textures for use in the game, respectively. Just insert these into your wad and your textures will animate correctly. These are binary lumps, so you can't edit them with a text editor, you have to use the swantbls.exe tool to create the lumps.

Note that you don't always have to include both. Import ANIMATED in your wad if you edited the texture/flat animations, and import SWITCHES if you edited the switch animations.

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