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Magnum Express

Skys as linedefs?

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In the map that I am working on now, I want to make an area with a ceiling height well over 300 units, but I don't want the walls of the area to be the same height as the ceiling (to put it in perspective, it's an outdoor area). So, what I attempted was to make a smaller wall by raising the floor height of a sector, and then to place F_SKY1 as the linedef for the perimeter behind the wall. After trying this, I tested the map and to my annoyance found that the F_SKY1 linedef that I tried to use didn't take the appearance of the map's SKY1. How would I be able to do what I attempted to?

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Don't define a middle or upper texture for your sky wall and add a zero height sector behind it. See how it's done in Doom2's Map01 if you're not sure what I'm talking about.

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Well there are two different effects here. One gives you a ledge you can look over like in MAP01. The other effect, demonstrated in the map Mithran posted, can't bee looked over, but you can have objects that rise above sky level (this is used in E1M1).

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