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Xwadtools package updated.

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I know this is old, but I have been working on the xwadtools package and I have got it to compile perfectly on FreeBSD except the xew program which spits out a heap of compiler errors. But all of the other programs will compile, idbsp will compile, but I am not sure if it works properly. Anyway, this should work properly on a modern Linux distribution as well as BSD. I used make -f Makefile.lin to build on FreeBSD.

That worked very well indeed and I thought I would fix up this old package, maybe I can fix xew, but why would you use that when you could run Doom Builder with wine or Yadex. Most of the problems were incorrect usage of strlcat(3), which was easy to fix.

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Yeah xwadtools has some useful stuff, I use lswad very frequently and mkwad now and then.

I presume though that 'xew' is the program which didn't compile.

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Xew yes, far too many errors with gcc 4x. But Yadex is better anyway, everything else compiles though. Maybe I will take over maintaining it unless someone else is. But yes the programs within the package are very useful. I have problems compiling and running them on 64bit Linux, maybe my fixes repaired that.

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I feel ashamed to say that I'd never seen this package before, this is great stuff!

I'm particularly interested in the multigen source code, I had no idea this had been released!

The file multigen.txt is the original state table from ID Software for
Doom and Doom][. The multigen program will use this file as input to
compile info.c and info.h for Doom engines. Instead of hacking info.c
and info.h use the multigen compiler to change game behavior!

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