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Doom Builder 2 texture not showing up in gameplay

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I'm having this issue with Doom Builder/Skull Tag. Few of the side texture won't show up in gameplay but during visual mode on Doom Builder I can see them perfectly. I have tried a few things such as move the texture up/down to see if its just off in game but that didn't help. The texture size is 32x128(don't know if this matters)

Here's a few screenshots

Really stump here. Any help will greatly appreciated

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Is the texture actually included properly in the same WAD as the map? If you're using the texture externally from Doom Builder 2's resource loader, you'll have to add it to the main WAD for testing outside of DB2's test mode. (Unless you manually add the resource archive to the game engine with the map; that would work too.)

If that's not your problem, I'm not sure what would help.

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Thanks for the reply but I figured out the problem. I deleted all the textures beside the two I added but when I deleted all the texture and just add them all back. It work like it should. But I have another problem. Is there any way to fix it the texture so it doesn't look like the floor is kinda see through (couldn't explain really check screenshot)

Notice you can see the texture through the floor. Is there anyway I can stop it from doing that? Thanks again.

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Set either the step sectors or the surrounding sectors properties to different flat textures or light levels. I think there's also a MAPINFO command for that (clipmidtextures?).

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