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Lucked Out - WIP lookin for Developers

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Hello, I have slowly begun making a new Megawad currently in the works and after 5 maps I decided to make it a community project. It is a wad that makes use of a script that was originally in another wad (x-noob_survival) and I wanted to use the same concept atleast with a wad that looks a little better (no offense XXX guys). Basicly anyone can submit anything to the production of this wad! I am currently looking for mappers or anyone who can make graphics for the wad. Anyone is eligible to send a map, no need to PM, unless it is done, there is just a few guidelines to follow which are:

1) -You can only use the stock textures in the wad provided below, I will allow additional patches added, but this wad replaces Doom2 textures, so it's not wise to just use Doom2 as a resource.
2) -When making the map, you have to create a spot where the player spawns, steps off the spawner and activates the map's designated script.
3) -You do have to use the designated script, however alterations and additions are okay as long as it is still able to function like the all the maps do.
4) -If you are planning on adding a patch, there is a limit to the amount a map can have when submitted, this limit is: 20
5) -Detailing maps is fine and all, but you have to make sure your detail doesn't block the path of the monsters.
6) -This is a Last Man Standing Invasion wad, so try to avoid making doors or lifts that might obstruct monster's paths and don't make places where players can hide until everyone else is dead.
7) -Be sure to design your map with jumping and crouching in mind, and when I say that, I mean make sure theres no secret areas players can get into by crouching and or jumping.
8) -Lastly AND MOST IMPORTANT, make sure the wad is ZDaemon compatible, ZDaemon compatible you say? yes. Meaning the maps can be done in ZDoom Doom in Hexen Format

If you wish to submit a map but you have no clue about ACS? Don't worry! A short tutorial will follow.

I need graphic designers, and anyone who can make music, for those who wish to do these fields, please send me a PM and I will inform you of where to send the files.

There are currently little to no hell-type textures in the wad, if you wish to make a hell style map, then patch limit for you is raised to 30, I would add hell textures myself, but I can't seem to go through a bunch of wads and pick out good textures that go together.

Other Details:
The wad does have a Dehacked script which changes the weapon behavior of two weapons, the Chaingun and the Pistol, which are now the Rifle and Minigun. Hopefully this will make both of these weapons more effective and better tools out in battle. The wad also features a lot of textures which were made using the TEXTURE lump, conveniently named the TEXTURE2, if you see a texture you want to modify, please create a TEXTURE3, so that it would be easy to transfer it over to TEXTURE2.

First some screenies, then the Download and tutorial for the non-ACS users:


Tutorial & Script Understanding:
The script itself is in the wad, but I will explain what has to be done to make sure the map is functional and does what it has to do.
Download the script without any modifications here:
go into Doom Builder, and when in a new map, press F10, you should see where you can copy and paste the script from the .txt file:
Line 59:
int monster[MAX_MONSTER_ARRAY] =

This is where you define what monsters can spawn in the map, the script picks these out at random, you can define a monster twice if you want that monster to have a great chance to spawn.
Doom Spawn Numbers = http://zdoom.org/wiki/Doom_spawn_numbers
Line 133:
if ((monster[ran2] == T_VILE) && (ThingCount(T_VILE, 0) >= 2))

This is a script that allows a certain number of Archviles to be spawned, the number 2 is the number of Archviles that the script allows.
Lastly in order for the scripts to work, a map needs a "Actor Enters Sector" with the action "Script Execute" AKA 80 and where it says "Script" it must be number 3.
As for the spawners, you can place a Map Spot and give it a tag 1-10 and it will spawn monsters into the map.

I would write more but I'm sure it would be too big to explain in all that detail, so if you want to know more, just reply.

Maps Completed:

Map01 - Name TBA = Completed
Map02 - Name TBA = Completed
Map03 - Name TBA = Completed
Map04 - Name TBA = Completed
Map05 - Name TBA = Completed

If you have any concerns on the maps already in place, or anything about the wad, feel free to say.

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