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Sodaholic's sound effects

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So, honestly I hate many of the FreeDoom sounds, so I remade the ones I thought needed replacements badly. Some new sounds are for sounds that didn't even exist yet.

The only sounds that I did not make are the fast door sounds, they are from FreeDoom itself, but have been sped up by me, as they were too slow for fast doors.

I can assure you that these lack any copyright issues. These were all mixed from my personal collection of sound effects that I recorded myself.

Download is here: http://www.mediafire.com/?t0wx5h5g43jdmyh

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Nice job!

I compared them side-by-side with the current sounds, and for the most part, they sound vastly improved. I didn't really care for a few, though; particularly the new pistol sound and the Demon's death sound; the former feels wimpier, and the latter doesn't seem to fit the sprite animation as well as the existing sound.

I love the new DSPUNCH, though, and DSCLAW has been begging for a good replacement for a long time.

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Is the new DSCLAW sound being considered? The original is downright horrible.

I can assure you that it's copyright free: I created the sound from scratch by recording myself ripping a piece of paper, and then reversing the sound and tweaking it.

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