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Who was Simon Widlake?

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I just read on Doom Wiki about the deceased members of our community. (I also read the last thread of Espi)

And I found the name of Simon Widlake. The article about him was something short and poethic, without any sources.

So I would want to ask for you: who was him and why was he dead?

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He was the founder of compet-n, or at least one of its first administrators. I believe he was English and I recall him having a UK University e-mail address (Lancaster?).


I was never in contact with him, and don't know anything about his alleged death.

Moved to Demos, since the people most likely to know more will see the thread there.

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Wow, I didn't have the faintest idea he'd passed away. Found an announcement about his death here.

I never had any contact with Simon myself. Once he lost interest in Compet-N in 1997 he moved on. But reading through his old textfiles you can get quite a strong sense of his personality - funny and open and friendly.

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