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WhackEd deh issues (Vanilla Doom)

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How do I open a deh file that wasn't created with WhackEd 3 Beta? Every time I want to open any .deh file that wasn't created with WhackEd 3 it gives me this error, "There were no engine configuration files found that match the patch file's target engine".

Is there some special thing I have to do in order to open a native .deh file or is it user error?

I'm asking this because I want to learn some of the Dehacked work in classic vanilla wads like Strain or All Hell is Breaking Loose.

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IIRC, WhackEd likes to find the following three lines at the top of a dehacked patch -

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0
Doom version = 21
Patch format = 6
Fortunately all you need to fix that problem is a text editor.

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After doing what was said above with notepad it says "Cannot find string replacement"?

What does that mean?

Sorry I'm kind of new to this Whacked thing since I barely ever use it.

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What is in this deh file? Can you post any Text entries (or the whole thing if it isn't too long)?

It sounds like you have a Text replacement that doesn't correspond to anything it can find of that length in the exe.

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The deh file was opened and I could read the information for it, but it gave me an error, "Unsupported engines were found in the patch file. Those entries will be ignored. This means that WhackEd3 will not save those entries again either!"

The states also don't have the strain sprites either (they are the original doom sprites).

Here is the text for the original deh:

Here is the edited one:

I'm sorry for the lack of knowledge, and the annoying questions, but I really determined to get this to work so I can see for myself how dehacked works.

Also one more question (bare with me guys). WhackEd3 can do anything dehacked can?

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The problems you're encountering are most likely due to WhackEd doing things differently to DeHackEd 3.1 - which appears to have no problems loading that patch. Those "Unsupported entries" might well be code pointers to the custom sprites you're not seeing, if the STRAIN team had stuck to the standard sprite names it might have been a different story - I really don't know. Exl is probably the only one able to answer some of your questions.

Looks like there's some life left in the old DOS utility - if it doesn't crash and burn on 64bit systems.

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