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DB2 3D mode stutter

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Anyone else having this problem? Sometimes it goes away with launching the game and exiting, but for some wads it doesn't go away no matter how many times you launch and quit fingers crossed while performing a rain dance. Only the movement stutters, otherwise it runs fine. Changing the movement speed doesn't help.

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I get this problem intermittently as well, but my machine's uptime is quite high, and it does periodically go away without restarting the system.

More anecdotally, my machine has been running for about 3 months now without a reboot of any kind, and DB2's 3D mode camera will be stuttering and jerky one day, then fine the next. If I could figure out a pattern to it, then I could plan to do my mapping on only the productive days, but alas...

[Edit: minor update - hitting the tilde (~) key to toggle the info panel off seems to trigger this problem about 80% of the time. Restarting DB2, opening the previous map, and then saving seems to immediately clear the problem about 30% of the time. Closing and/or saving the map without restarting has no effect, and neither does restarting the program without saving.]

[Edit 2: Reloading the map, moving a vertice around, and then saving the map restores normal function to the camera (seemingly) every time. Maybe it has something to do with the nodes, but I wouldn't put money on it or anything.]

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