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wrong sky texture in ultimate freedoom iwad

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I'm using the Ultimate Freedoom iwad (v0.7)
Tried with both prboom 2.4.7 and chocolate doom 1.4.0

When loading up the Aliens TC (on episode 2), it displays the Doom II cityscape sky instead of a barren landscape. That just looks wrong in Aliens TC... :)

Also, the episode 1 sky seems to be the Doom II-ish uniformally brown sky, instead of towering mountains.

The weird thing is that the iwad contains reasonable-looking textures (SKY1 and SKY2, maybe even SKY2A) but it also has Doom II skys in RSKY1 and RSKY2...

Maybe those RSKY* textures don't belong in the iwad and are a result of a build script bug? Checking an original Ultimate Doom iwad shows only these textures: SKY1, SKY2, SKY3, SKY4, F_SKY1. An original Doom 2 iwad has these textures: RSKY1, RSKY2, RSKY3, F_SKY1.

Also, dumb question: what is F_SKY1 for? I never saw that texture used anywhere.

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F_SKY1 is a flat used to denote a sector that is rendered as sky. The texture of the flat is never actually displayed in-game, but is generally shown in map editors.

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