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Map01 inspired castle map

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I had the urge a few hours ago to "remake" a Doom2 map, as I thought that would be fairly quick and easy. So in about 3 hours I made a heavily inspired gloomy castle. Emphasis wasn't really on visuals, though I will likely fix those up later since it lacks variety.

It ought to be a pretty short, ~7 minute affair (or so it was for me), completely doable on UV. If there are any glaring issues that I missed, please let me know. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

(file size stems from the included 32in24-8 tex)

Runs on map22, limit removing.

and a screenshot:

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Simple and cool, right up my alley :)
Don`t think I would have thought about map01 if I didn`t know about your intentions beforehand.

Really easy on UV btw, maybe crank the difficulty up a little notch. I didn`t even use the PG.

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