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DEHACKED problem

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I made DEHACKED recognise where my wads and exe's are but I can't get it to work!
Please help!

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Could you be more specific? I assume you've managed to launch DeHackEd through DOS-Box, so apart from only being able to move the mouse cursor half-way down the screen - what's not working?

EDIT - If it's the dehacked patch in IDOOM.WAD you're trying to open, you'll first need to extract a copy of it from the wad (SLADE is currently the weapon of choice for that job) and rename it to something like IDOOM.DEH.

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I'm trying to make my own!
Would I have to show the contents of my INI file?

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skib said:

Would I have to show the contents of my INI file?

That might help pinpoint the problem - copy/paste it between a pair of code tags. Have you tried using WhackEd instead?

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Yep, have it!
Just wanted to patch an EXE.

 This is the DeHackEd v3.0a config file.
# Lines that start with '#' are comments.

# 'editname' is the name of the Doom exe file to hack.  The 'normalname'
# should be the name of your original (unmodified) Doom exe file.  The
# 'normalname' exe will NOT be modified by DeHackEd, but only referred
# to at several times for pristine data.

# For Ultimate DOOM
#normalname = c:\ultimate_doom\base\doom.exe
#editname = c:\ultimate_doom\base\hack.exe

# For DOOM ][
 editname = c:\doom2\doom2.exe
 normalname = c:\doom2\doom2bak.exe

# The name and location of your Doom WAD.
# wadname = c:\ultimate_doom\doom.wad

# For DOOM ][
 wadname = c:\doom2\doom2.wad

# The path to your Doom directory.  This is where Doom will be run
# from when you 'r'un Doom inside DeHackEd.
# pathname = g:\doom2

pathname = C:\doom2\

# Command line arguments when Doom is run from within DeHackEd.
params = -skill 4 -warp 8

# The directory to look for patch files in.
patchdir = c:\doom2\

# Determines whether DeHackEd asks if you would like to reload the original
# exe data every time you load a patch file.  It is true by default, but
# just remove the pound sign from the next line to turn it off.
askatload = false

# Whether or not DeHackEd shows the cool logo on startup.  True by default,
# just remove the pound sign to skip the logo.
#loadlogo = false

# Options for soundblaster cards.  sbaddress is the address of your card,
# sbirq is the IRQ for the card, and sbdma is the DMA channel.  Use a
# DMA of -1 for auto-detect.
#sbaddress = 220
#sbirq = 5
#sbdma = -1

# Added by John K. for changing THING names
namefile = thing.nam

# The following are all optional, and are included only in the hopes that
# they might be used to fend off future Doom versions, if any more pop
# up.

# Doom version #
#        0 for Doom 1 1.666
#        1 for Doom 2 1.666
#        2 for Doom 2 1.7, 1.7a
#        3 for Doom x 1.9
#        4 for Ultimate Doom 1.9
 version = 2

version = 4

# The size of the user-defined Doom exe file.
#size = 715493

# These are the offsets for the various data sections...
#thingoff   = 677472
#soundoff   = 645924
#frameoff   = 650396
#spriteoff  = 649844
#ammooff    = 638872
#weaponoff  = 638904
#textoff    = 691064
#cheatoff   = 642244
#textlength = 24072

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I see you're presenting DeHackEd with two Doom version numbers, both of which are probably wrong. Try changing one to version = 3 and comment out the other.

(To aid in identification - Doom2.exe v1.7 is 686,993 bytes, v1.9 is 709,905 and Ultimate Doom is 715,493.)

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