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Where are my resources?

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This may be a bit of a stupid question to ask, but I have submitted several resources, and I have not found them in any daily builds.

Is this because I submitted them through the forum, rather than the FTP server? If that is the case, I'm sorry for improperly submitting them, may I please have some help figuring out how to upload it?

I need a password and a username for the FTP server, but I have neither, but need to upload these. What do I do, send them to someone who is allowed to upload, obtain an FTP account, or use a public uploading account? I'm so clueless. :P

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I figured that much, but I just wanted to know if they were being overlooked because of my improper submission method (forum post instead of FTP)

I'm not questioning you, but I'm curious, are you an 'official' part of the FreeDoom project by any chance, or just a bystander?

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Everyone on this list is an official part of the Freedoom project. http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/freedoom.git/tree/CREDITS

Submission on forums is fine. It just may take longer if someone else needs to convert the pngs to gifs and such. Submissions that are replacements may take longer to see how everyone likes them, unless they are obviously much better than the old one. New material is always committed, unless it is truly terrible.

Also I have converted the recent sprites and packaged up the dspunch.

While I am at it, here is updated patches for someone to commit.

All these submissions were tested and built on my local repo and are ready.

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Sorry for a last minute submission, but just recently I made a new graphic for the POL5A0 sprite.

And just curious, what about the DSCLAW sound?
Also, although not my content, what about ProjectDarkFox's textures, are they being considered?

EDIT: I am considering making new fist and chainsaw graphics. I have an old chainsaw similar to the Doom one, and I just want to know, will it be worth my time? What I mean is, will it have a chance of being accepted, or is the sawblade considered final and will never change?

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Make a single frame and see what people think.

Sodahollic said:

Sorry for a last minute submission

Submissions at any time are awesome.

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wesleyjohnson said:

That offical list must be out-of-date, or the requirements for getting on it must be strict.

There may be errors. Only requirement is submitting material.

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