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Well hello.
This is my first project im working on, as you can read in the title the Wad name is Darkness and it has all resources from Doom II (Except some originals and some Doom soundtrack that is already compiled in the wad)
This is going to have 32 maps and im already working on it.
The 4 maps have been already completed and they are in the DEMO.

A little about this wad:
Well this wad wasnt make with the original KILL EVERYTHING premise that Doom has, well in some world it has it, but there are also some important stuff, like finding secrets which are optional. But in some maps this may be OBLIGATORY if you dont want a hard time on other maps.
Some levels are tricky (not on difficulty but on the fact that you have to do certain stuff to clear the levels that may or may not related on what you have to do (i think you didnt understand that. But i put as example this very same wad's map 02 : Watch Yourself! if you play it you understand)) and others are classical.

This Wad was designed in Zdoom: Doom in Hexen format.

Give me your opinions about the maps (The map design was done BADLY, so i guess im going to get a lot of critics about this **, but i didnt make this wad to look pretty, i did it because i wanted some Boss per Episode action. But remember, those maps were done Some months ago in 2010, my skill is somewhat better now.) What´s good and what's bad.

The demo has te first 3 maps and the first Bossfight.

Demo Up! Here's the Download Link:


EDIT: Just in case you have problems with the Level "Watch Yourself!" then well, here's the guide on how to clear that level, since it has a lot of traps that make the game Unwinnable and unless you are the creator (lol) or a Super-pro you shouldnt know how to solve this Level. Here it is:

1.As soon as the level starts, you'll see a message that says "Remember kids, never look back!". You can look back and see a BFG9000. Dont grab it, its an instant death Trap. (NOTE: All the 5 secrets are the traps. and only one doesnt kills you, you still cant win the level tough)(EDIT AGAIN:Looks like the message doesnt appear, Hmmmm... still, dont grab the BFG)

2. Open the door and the first thing you see is Demon. Kill it with the chaingun (Ultra Violence) or just pass of it. Go either left or right holding the FIRE button.

3. Either way you picked, go right always, you may see a Door with a different texture, dont enter it, it is a trap with 2 cyberdemons. After going right you will find a small Bridge with a Cacoboss. Ignore it and cross the bridge with extreme caution. (if you fall from the bridge the floor will start damaging you, if you fall to the right restart the level or wait for you to die. if you fall left, your only exit is going to be in the uppermost corner, but it teleports you to a star shaped room with a switch that triggers a message that says "the cake is a lie lol". Basically, you're screwed if you fall any side)

4.(HOLD THE FIRE BUTTON BECAUSE THERE ARE INVISIBLE PISTOL DUDES HERE.) After crossing the bridge, go left there should be a hidden door with a switch inside it. Press it. Go right of the bridge this time, you should see a door to the right. But dont waste your time, it needs a blue key that you would need to backtrack in order to find, and inside a room is an instant death trap. Follow your way and you should encounter a hole on the right, go through the corridor and press use at the part with the Outdoor skybox.
That's all.

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I lost a lot more precious time checking out the demo than it takes to say that the map design sucks, so don't worry about me. You could really benefit from some more practice, as (I'm sorry to say) the levels range from horrible-to-unplayable.

Setting the doors' side walls to have the lower-unpegged flag would be a nice start, and using more than a single floor/ceiling height and two wall textures per map would be even better. After that, you might want to rethink the way you've used the inescapable deathtraps that kill the player without warning, like the instakill sector in MAP02, and the inescapable pit with the two cyberdemons. The cacodemon recolors are also terrible, as they lose all the shading and definition of the original sprites.

It would've also been nice if you mentioned that it was for ZDoom, so I didn't have to open it up in SLADE to figure it out, but I guess that might be asking too much.

On the bright side, your general concept regarding the cacodemon kings (or whatever) seems like it could be fun to play if the wad was a bit more polished. Hopefully by the time you're done the 32nd map you'll have improved your skills enough to make them playable. Either way, so long as you're happy with them, I guess that's all that matters (or something like that).

[Edit: Also, taking this as a first project, I suppose I can't be expecting much, but still, I think you need much more practice before you can expect other people to enjoy your creations.]

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The name needs re-imagining, i'm sure there must be other darknesses out there,

not able to play it yet, but i am looking forward to it, especially the age-old idea of Bosses, which personally i think reward the player so much.

Will give feedback (not critisism) once I've played thru the Demo

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