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Chocolate Doom/DOSBox Hamachi Serv

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Sorry if this isn't the right place to have this, I'm new to Doomworld. But I wanted to ask, is this the right place to have a thread discussing a Virtual Hamachi Server basically for DOSBox and Chocolate-Doom? I've been looking for some people to play this with me, and I do not really no where to look.

I mise well just say this so I don't need too later.

Server name: Old Doom Network

Password: thereisnospoon

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But as far as I know you don't need Hamachi in order to play Chocolate Doom or Doom via DOSBox. Both are capable of connecting to other players over the internet just fine, you just need to open up some ports.

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In fact, Doomseeker even has a Chocolate Doom plugin if you want to use its client/server netcode.

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