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Invasion Idea

Is this a good idea?  

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I need someones opinion on this idea for Skulltag's game mode, Invasion.

Invasion is fun for a short time, but it then starts to get old really quick because it's the same thing and it's really easy. You don't even need a good strategy to win.

Anyway my idea is to make a very cooperative based 5 map wad for skulltag.
-Player has only one life
-Limited ammo/health (ammo & health don't respawn)
-After each round a special item is spawned (i.e health for everyone, invulnerability, ammo, etc)
-Guns don't stay (like they do in multiplayer)
-Use only monsters from Vanilla Doom
-Attempt to use texture only from iwads
-Monsters don't spawn in the masses in a general area. I thought of having portals show up, via ACS, around the map and make it so enemies spawn from various locations
-Each map has at least 6 waves
-New areas open up after each round offering certain types of items, guns, health, etc
-Allowing players to trap enemies at a certain location for a limited time(similar to the traps in Call of Duty Zombies).
-Good monster placement (I need help on that)
-Players are restricted (movement wise). There is no freelook, jumping, crouching, or crosshairs. I think disabling crosshairs is a bit too much though.
-Secrets within each map (at the most 5).

Please tell me what you think
I thought of calling it something simple like "Simple Invasion" lol

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DoomHero85 said:

Oh yeah, I like the idea, but only 5 maps??

Thanks for the quick reply DoomHero85! I may make more maps, but as of right now I'm thinking of 5 MAPs.

I'm still in the brainstorming phase so that number (and other ideas) might change in the future. I haven't played Stronghold yet because I barely use Skulltag.

When I said invasion is easy, I was only referring to the Invasion maps I've played.

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You probably have been playing alpha/delta invasion or something. Many of the things you described are already in the stock invasion maps of skulltag with few exceptions.

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