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Tech Question

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So, last night I was doing some LP recording as usual, and I had my laptop hooked up to my TV via HDMI from when I was watching videos earlier. For some reason, I had decided to do a test on HD recording that night, despite previous tests on the same games providing unplayable framerates at even lower settings than what I had chosen for last night. For some reason, the games in question ran plenty smoothly.

Settings were not changed (and if they were, they were at higher settings), the computer hadn't changed, the computer wasn't off a fresh reboot (in fact, it had already been running for about 14 hours, with lots of recording and rendering work).

The only reason I could think of is this theory: the TV hookup was taking a bit of the load off of the GPU and CPU somehow. Is this plausible? Or could something else be behind it?

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