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Is it possible to fix the COMPOHSO texture so that it aligns properly in PrBoom?

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The alignment differences between vanilla (which behaves like PrBoom does here) and some source ports (like Eternity and ZDoom, and of course all wad editors and map editors, do here) on certain textures are the result of a vanilla bug in which patches with negative y-offsets are drawn starting from 0 rather than starting from the specified negative offset.

The texture can be fixed to display as intended in all ports in a few different ways I guess, but most easily and effectively by either 1) moving the upper patches' y-alignment to 0 (so all ports will draw it like vanilla and PrBoom do), or 2) recreating the texture properly as a single 128x128 patch (so all ports will draw it like Eternity, ZDoom, and other ports with bugfixed texture loading do).

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Ah, very good. :D I was a bit cautious at first of editing the texture itself, but luckily, moving the upper parts down two pixels is all that's required, and makes a minimal difference to its appearance in-game. :)

Thanks, essel. :D

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