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Newschool Classic HUD

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I made this for personal use to be used in my autoexec.ini, but I tought somebody would like to see it.
This is a fullscreen HUD for Zdoom/GZdoom/Skulltag made in the spirit of the classic HUD.

I always disliked the Zdoom HUD for some reasons, like small health/ammo/armor counter numbers, and the most important: The Zdoom HUD doesn't shows up the Doomguy's face.I love having the Doomguy's face at my screen, laughting when he finds a new gun, bleeding when he gets hurt, etc. But it also helps in gameplay, since it indicates from where attacks are comming from. In other hand, I don't like the classic status bar anymore, since it reduces the vertical field of view, plus, cutting some pixels of the weapon sprites. Not to mention that if you are playing a wad with inventory items (like NeoDoom, for example), the inventory item will overlap Doomguy's face in the classic HUD.

Now, using parts of the classic statusbar, I made a fullscreen HUD with them, that shows Doomguy's face, (and it won't be overlaped by inventory items now), and big font numbers.


In your Display Options, then Hud Options (if you are using Skulltag) or just Hud Options (GZDoom) and check if "Stretch Status Bar" is set to YES, or it will not behave properly.

Suggestions about how to improve it are wellcome.

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I think it'd be much nicer if it displayed which weapons you have and the amount of ammo for each. I also prefer to see counters indicating the kills/items/secrets stats, and ideally the time as well.

The numbers are also bigger than I'd like when using a fullscreen HUD, and it would be easier for me to read comfortably if it were all concentrated within the bottom of the screen, as opposed to having to move my eyes across all the corners of the screen for different bits of information.

I like the fact that you've included the face, though I've never really used it to find the direction of incoming attacks in the heat of battle anyway. In any case, I'm satisfied with the alternate HUD in ZDoom, so personally, I'll probably never use this. Just giving feedback. :)

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Actualy, the position of numbers are not so diferent from other HUDs. Also, I think adding stuff like kills/items/secrets in the HUD sounds unecessary, since it already can be found at the minimap.
Thanks for the feedback. =)

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IMO, that layout isn't very useful. Having to look away from the center to the far left/right of the screen takes away too much attention from what's happening. The information is too scattered. It'd be more useful if you kept that minimal look, but moved the mug back in the centre (perhaps with a grey border), had health and armour to the left of that, and ammo and keys to the right. Those are my thoughts. :)

EDIT: Noticed first poster pretty much said the same thing. Oh well.

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